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We are an all volunteer organization and it is easiest to reach us by email:

However, if you really need an address or number, please use:

Albuquerque Involved

c/o Dathan Weems Law Firm

108 Wellesley Dr SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

(505) 247-4700


Our founding members created Albuquerque Involved in order to incorporate community service and charitable giving into their lives in a meaningful way.  Our current board continues this work.  We are busy professionals who want the convenience of monthly online giving as well as the opportunity to volunteer for hands-on service projects that benefit local organizations. 

Our board members bring national nonprofit fundraising experience, United Way annual campaign fundraising experience, student service organization formation, and volunteer experience with a wide variety of agencies.  We also have experience in business start-up and management, graphic and web design, and marketing.  Professionally, board members include local attorneys, fundraisers, business and finance professionals, administrators, and medical professionals.  


The Albuquerque Involved Board members are:

Dathan Weems

Shana Baker                                    

Cindy Chavez                     

Meredith Dixon                                

Frankie Gonzales              

Stephanie Grube                

Jenna Hagengruber             

Jessica Lin                      

Ginya Rowland Loman      

Michael Opitz                

Rhiannon Samuel            

Sofia M. Sanchez