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We are an all volunteer organization and it is easiest to reach us by email:

However, if you really need an address or number, please use:

Albuquerque Involved

c/o Dathan Weems Law Firm

108 Wellesley Dr SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

(505) 247-4700


Our founding members created Albuquerque Involved in order to incorporate community service and charitable giving into their lives in a meaningful way.  Our current board continues this work.  We are busy professionals who want the convenience of monthly online giving as well as the opportunity to volunteer for hands-on service projects that benefit local organizations. 

Our board members bring national nonprofit fundraising experience, United Way annual campaign fundraising experience, student service organization formation, and volunteer experience with a wide variety of agencies.  We also have experience in business start-up and management, graphic and web design, and marketing.  Professionally, board members include local attorneys, fundraisers, business and finance professionals, administrators, and medical professionals.  


The Albuquerque Involved Board members are:

Dathan Weems, Board President

Megan Duffy, Board Secretary

Virginia Loman, Board Treasurer

Shana Baker, Grant Chair

Meredith Dixon, Fundraising Chair

Frankie Gonzales, Board Assistant Treasurer

Michael Opitz, Board Member

Catie Russell, Service Chair

Cindy Chavez, Marketing Chair