All 501(c)(3) agencies serving the greater Albuquerque community are invited to submit an application.  We are open to considering any need of your agency.  

Application Process:

  1. Fill out the application form below.

  2. If your agency is selected to be a finalist, we will contact you to schedule the video production.

  3. The two to three minute video will be posted on our website for our members to review during the voting period and will be available to the world forever via our YouTube channel.

  4. Funds will be awarded to the winner within 30 days after voting closes .


The Board will consider some or all of the following factors when selecting finalists:

  • Can the agency and program/project be explained in a short video?

  • Will our membership find the agency compelling or unique?

  • Is the video likely to educate our membership about a program, agency, or a need?

Unlike other grants, you may apply for any need which is likely to appeal to our membership. We do not prohibit applications for capital improvement, salaries, or any other use permitted by the IRS. You may apply as many times as you want, focusing on as many different needs as you like.

The following items are REQUIRED in order for your video to be completed and for your organization to move forward in our competitive grant process:

  • At least 18 still images that are sized to 1920 pixels on the longest edge. Lower resolution images may look blurry when used with HD video. Most smart phones will produce images that meet this requirement. These images should be of your volunteers, your facility, your services being delivered and your clients (if appropriate). Please only send images containing individuals for whom you have a current photo release.

  • 30-45 seconds of various video clips shot horizontally on an iphone or other smart phone. This video should include your volunteers, your facility, your services being delivered and your clients (if appropriate). Please only send images containing individuals for whom you have a current photo release. The video footage should not include narration or voice over (this comes later). Please do not include interview type video. It should be raw, "b roll" type footage of your facility, volunteers, staff or clients

  • See this example folder for ideas of what videos are acceptable:

  • Please write out and send three questions you would like us to ask you about your organization and the answers. We will include these in your in person video filming.

  • Please write out and send a 150 word summary that highlights/describes your project. What will you do with the grant money? "A grant from ABQ Involved will help us...". This will be recorded and used as voice over. The written submissions may be edited for form and clarity but not content.


Key Points Regarding the Video:

  • The videos will be produced by amateur volunteers doing the best they can.

  • Final approval of the segment rests solely with ABQ Involved.

  • We will handle production of the video with your assistance. Your agency will be responsible for obtaining the written permission of any person you want to appear in the video.



Albuquerque Involved accepts grant applications year-round.  There are three deadlines when applicants are selected for the following three month voting period:

  • February 15, 2019 - May, June, and July grants

  • June 7, 2019 - September, October, and November grants

  • October 4, 2019 - January, February and March 2020 grants

Runner-up months - April, August, and December.  Finalists are the second place finishers from the previous three months.

Apply for a Grant

Simply Fill out this quick application for a chance to be one of our monthly finalists.

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By submitting this application I attest that our organization has a current release for any and all photographic and video images provided to ABQ Involved as a part of this grant application. I understand that any and all images provided to ABQ Involved will be reproduced and made available to the public.