Albuquerque Involved is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit donation and service organization for Albuquerqueans to discover local nonprofit agencies.


Small Donation, Big Impact.

Each month, all member contributions are combined and awarded as a grant to one local nonprofit agency.  Signing up is easy:

  • Your tax-deductible contribution is processed automatically once a month
  • You choose the amount that best fits into your budget (minimum $10.00 donation to cover transaction costs).
  • 100% of your monthly contribution goes to a local nonprofit. We rely on a volunteer board and corporate sponsors to cover operating costs while keeping overhead to a minimum so that every dollar you contribute becomes part of our grant.  
  • Member contributions are combined into a grant each month and members select who receives the grant!
  • We will never pressure you for a larger contribution. 


Discover Local Nonprofits

We know you have many demands on your time, but you also want to be connected to Albuquerque's nonprofit community: 

  • Each month, we post three short videos of local nonprofits describing their need. 
  • When it's convenient, you watch and learn about the great work of all three applicants - all in less than 10 minutes. 
  • Cast your vote online for your choice of which of the three organizations should receive our grant! 
  • We'll announce which non-profit received the most votes and award the grant to shortly after voting closes! 


Be as Involved as You Want to Be.

We see service as a way to connect our members to the community and foster a long-term commitment to philanthropy while having fun with friends, old and new!

  • Simply sign up on the website and reserve your spot. 
  • No pressure. No guilt. Join us when you can and as often as you like. 
  • Family-friendly whenever possible to meet ABQ Involved's goal of fostering a tradition of service with our children.

You want to incorporate service into your life, but may have found it difficult to find the time to coordinate a service project.  ABQ Involved does the work and provides monthly service opportunities for you.