Albuquerque Involved Board Members

We created Albuquerque Involved to incorporate community service and charitable giving into our lives in a meaningful way. We are busy professionals who want to support local organizations through the convenience of monthly online giving and hands-on service projects that are designed for the whole the family.

Professionally, we are:

  • Business and social-profit entrepreneurs,

  • Nonprofit executives,

  • Attorneys,

  • Professional fundraisers,

  • Business and finance professionals,

  • Teachers,

  • and Government employees at the city, state, and federal levels.

Our board has experience in:

  • National nonprofit fundraising

  • Local campaign fundraising,

  • Large-scale event planning.

  • Social Activism

  • Student service organization formation,

  • and Volunteerism with a wide variety of agencies.


Cindy Chavez

Cindy is a Secondary Mortgage Processor at New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. Through her job, Cindy is able to help low-income families achieve their dream of owning a home in New Mexico.  She cares deeply about her community and enjoys being able to serve Albuquerque in both her professional and volunteer work. In addition to Albuquerque Involved, Cindy serves on the Future Fund Board of the Albuquerque Community Foundation.  Cindy is a wonderfully lighthearted and passionate person. Born and raised in Albuquerque, Cindy cares deeply for our state and the unique New Mexican culture. Cindy understands the values and real needs of New Mexicans and how to support them in a meaningful way. #WeareABQInvolved

Hannah Bell

Hannah joined the Board of Albuquerque Involved in May, 2019. She joined because she wanted to give to her community and she found that Albuquerque Involved makes giving accessible and meaningful. Hannah is a native New Mexican and works as an attorney. Hannah has been a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico for the last 10 years and has enjoyed watching her Little Sister grow into a young woman. She brings the same commitment to Albuquerque Involved. #WeareABQInvolved

Albuquerque-Executive Portrait-Jenna-2.jpg

Jenna Hagengruber

Jenna was born and raised in New Mexico. Jenna graduated from UNM in 2016 where she was an exceptionally active member of the undergraduate community. Among Jenna’s many accomplishments as an undergraduate student at UNM, Jenna created LoboTHON, a dance marathon benefitting UNM Children’s Hospital. This program continues annually at UNM and Jenna has implemented the marathon at Sandia High School, where she is a 9th grade English teacher. Jenna’s passion to help extends outside her community. Recently, Jenna has lived and taught in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Milakowo, Poland. Jenna chose teaching so that she can work with young people that may not get the support they need at home and encourage them to follow their dreams. In addition to the Board of ABQ Involved, Jenna has completed her Master’s Degree in Education and is the President-Elect of UNM Young Alumni. #WeareABQInvolved

Albuquerque-Executive Portrait-Mariah-.jpg

Mariah Harrison

Mariah, a native New Mexican, received her master’s degree from the University of New Mexico and has spent her career devoted to the community. Mariah brings her experience with Tulane University and AmeriCorp to the Board. She currently works at the University of New Mexico as the Program Manager for the Office of Community Engaged Learning & Research in the Provost's Office. Mariah joined the Board so she could get hands-on volunteer experience again, connect with local nonprofits and continue to find ways to further engage the UNM community in service. She also co-coordinates Impact & Coffee, a nonprofit speaker series. Mariah spends her time running with ABQ Sole Sisters and expanding on her creativity with a t-shirt design project, #BurqueResists, and her @wineandwifiabq Instagram page where she explores great places to work and enjoy a glass of wine in Albuquerque. #WeareABQInvolved

Albuquerque-Executive Portrait-Mike-.jpg

Michael Opitz

Michael has a been an Albuquerque Involved Board Member since 2015. He is committed to giving back to his community in a meaningful and impactful way. He was first motivated to join Albuquerque Involved as a way to instill a sense of empathy and civic duty in his son. Michael lives his life to always answer the call for help from his friends and family. He saw Albuquerque Involved as an extension of this call for service. As an “Air Force Brat,” Michael is an avid world traveler, who chose to make Albuquerque his home. Michael works in the State Engineer's Office in Water Rights Management to simplify and quantify one of New Mexico’s most precious resources, water. Michael is a hardworking Board Member who isn’t shy about getting his hands dirty on weekend service projects alongside his son. He also contributes to the Board by producing and editing grant nominee videos with the voice over assistance of his wife, Jamie. If you don’t find Michael at a service project or working on board videos, chances are you’ll find him running around a soccer field. #WeareABQInvolved

Albuquerque-Executive Portrait-Rhiannon-2.jpg

Rhiannon Samuel

Rhiannon is an Albuquerque native raised with a deep passion and pride for her community and its people. She is the Executive Director of Viante New Mexico, a nonpartisan nonprofit with the goal of providing transparency for working New Mexicans to know how their elected officials are performing on their behalf. Immediately after her graduation from UNM in 2014, Rhiannon began her career with the City of Albuquerque where she served on Mayor Richard J. Berry Office’s executive team as the Director of Communications. Rhiannon is committed both personally and professionally to the betterment of New Mexico. Rhiannon is a Parish Council Member at Albuquerque’s Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, a Lovelace Women’s Hospitals Outreach committee member, and a Board Member of the Future Fund of the Albuquerque Community Foundation. #WeareABQInvolved

Albuquerque-Executive Portrait-Shana-.jpg

Shana Baker

Shana manages the day-to-day operations of Albuquerque Involved. Shana is a founding member of Albuquerque Involved. Shana grew up in Texas and attended Smith College. Shana graduated from UNM Law School in 2002. Shana brings political campaign, nonprofit development and small business experience to the Board. She is motivated by the amazing organizations and community members doing great things in Albuquerque. #WeareABQInvolved

Albuquerque-Executive Portrait-Sophia-3.jpg

Sofia Sanchez

Why Albuquerque Involved? Sofia will tell you it’s because the organization allows you to give locally. While other organizations give to national charities, Albuquerque Involved is a grassroots organization. Sofia brings a true love of the community to the table, which motivates her to be an active member of the Board. Her family has strong roots in the community and a history of community service. This solid connection with the community is a great asset to have for the Board. Born and raised in Albuquerque, Sofia graduated from the University of New Mexico. She worked briefly in Washington D.C. following college. Her heart was always in Albuquerque, so she returned to live, work and play! She is proud of her many family members who have devoted their careers to public service and she continues the tradition. She is currently a field representative for Congresswoman Deb Haaland. She is on the Board of the Future Fund of the Albuquerque Community Foundation. #WeareABQInvolved


Stephanie Grube

Stephanie joined Albuquerque Involved to model community giving to her two kids. Stephanie loves to see good things are going on the world and people working hard to make a difference. She loves Albuquerque Involved because it has helped her learn about the many nonprofits doing important work in the city. Stephanie grew up in Chicago and graduated from Colorado State University in 2003 with a bachelor’s in Natural Resource Management. She moved with her husband and family an average of 9 months for the next 12 years, living in Washington, DC, Los Alamos, NM, and southern France. Stephanie's career has ranged from firefighter to executive assistant to medical device engineering. She enriches Albuquerque with her experience as a business owner in real estate investment, engineering consulting, solar energy and organic farming. #WeareABQInvolved

Virginia Loman

Virginia joined the Albuquerque Involved Board because she was having difficulty keeping service a regular part of her life. Albuquerque Involved fulfilled the need – especially with the availability to do more in the community. Albuquerque Involved makes it easy for Virginia to do hands-on, family-friendly service projects with her three kids. Virginia grew up in a military family moving around an average every 2 years. She has always looked forward to making roots in a community, which finally happened when she attended law school at UNM. She married a native New Mexican and has been a New Mexican ever since. She has been an attorney since 2002 and brings a passion for details, organization, and hands on service. #WeareABQInvolved